Fears Of Volcano Eruption After Yellowstone Hit By 81 Earthquakes In A Month

Over the month of June alone, there have been 81 earthquakes.

Man looks like a mummy ‘Rescued From Bear Den’ After One Month

A Russian man, ‘looking like a mummy,’ has been rescued with a broken spine after a brown bear kept him inside its den for a month.

Couple Find A Giant Huntsman Spider Eating A Possum In Their Room

Creatures of nightmares: A giant spider caught on camera eating a possum on the wall of a terrified couple’s hotel room.

Gator With Knife In Head Spotted Swimming In Texas Lake

An alligator was spotted with a knife stuck in the middle of its head in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Mother Tied Up Son With Autism And Set Him On Fire

A mother from Milwaukee faces life in prison after tying up her 4-year-old-son with seven belts before burning him to death in the bathtub.