Mark Galvan

Real Pickle Pickle Chips Could be Your New Best Snack

Can you recall the hot summers, standing on driveways and enjoying satisfying gulps of cool water from the garden hose after enjoying some Dill Pickle chips? Of course, you do. Who could forget that?

Bizarre Footage: Shopper Gargles Mouthwash, Spits It Back, Then Returns The Bottle To Shelf

A disgusting viral challenge as a shopper gargles mouthwash, spit it back into the bottle, and returns it on the shelf.

Fears Of Volcano Eruption After Yellowstone Hit By 81 Earthquakes In A Month

Over the month of June alone, there have been 81 earthquakes.

‘Adulting 101’ Classes Teach Real-World Skills

At what stage do you consider yourself a grown up? Most of us have grappled with this question at one point in time. But senior students at Fern Creek High School are far more prepared for adulthood than we ever were.

Jason Momoa Wants To Do A Twins Remake With Peter Dinklage

Aquaman star, Jason Momoa is absolutely down for a remake of the 1988 movie, Twins, with Peter Dinklage.

Gator With Knife In Head Spotted Swimming In Texas Lake

An alligator was spotted with a knife stuck in the middle of its head in Fort Bend County, Texas.

14 Flawless Examples of Child Logic That Left Us Speechless

If parents could predict their children’s actions, their lives would be way easier. But they only can guess what’s going on in their kids’ heads. Children are unpredictable, but we still love them more than anything in this world.

Disneyland $14 Million Marvel Expansion To Open In 2020

Disney is a step closer to roll on new Marvel-themed land in its Disney California Adventure theme park following the opening of Star Wars: ‘Galaxy Edge.’

‘Sanctuary For The Unborn’: All-Male City Council In Texas Votes Unanimously To Ban Abortion

The all-male, five-member city council in Waskom, Texas, unanimously passed an ordinance to prohibit abortion in its jurisdiction, turning the town into a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

Baby Left Fighting For Life After Kiss At Christening Gives Him Herpes

A newborn baby in Britain almost died after contracting herpes virus on his eye after someone kissed him during a christening celebration.

You Can Now Rent A Bouncy Castle For Your Wedding Day

Getting married just got more fun! Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that one day there will be something as exciting as having an open bar and a bouncy castle at a wedding.

50 Times When People Failed At Being Smart

Acting stupid has no exceptions. Even the smartest and noble people will fall to the trick.

Rival Gang Members Risk Their Lives To Get Baptized Together In Texas Maximum-Security Prison

Five rival gang members put aside violence to be baptized together in Coffield Prison, Texas.

Aldi Is Selling An Outdoor Heater With Built-In Speakers And Mood Lighting

Aldi has launched an impressive summer garden heater with built-in speakers and mood lights.

Crying For Your Ex Can Help You Lose Weight, According To A Study

Science has shown that an average human being cries around 16.5 gallons of tears throughout their lifetime. But Instead of crying when hurt, people prefer hiding their emotions and feelings, or even get ashamed of them.