Lowell Parr

Have a Warmer Winter Day with These Crocheted Dragon Scale Gloves

Winter comes every year. And yet, the number one concern people have when winter arrives is how to stay warm throughout the season. Not that people have not tried to come up with ways to stay warm and enjoy the winter more in the past.

Cameron Boyce Dead Aged 20: Disney Actor Who Starred In Descendants And Grown Ups Dies In His Sleep

Shock as Cameron Boyce, the Grown Ups and Descendants star, dies in his sleep. He was 20.

Terry Crews Confirms White Chicks 2 Is In Development

Terry Crews has officially confirmed that ‘White Chicks 2’ sequel is going to happen.

Man looks like a mummy ‘Rescued From Bear Den’ After One Month

A Russian man, ‘looking like a mummy,’ has been rescued with a broken spine after a brown bear kept him inside its den for a month.

Kim Kardashian Shares First Close-Up Photo Of Baby Psalm West

Kim Kardashian has just shared a close-up photo of her newborn baby boy with Kanye West, named Psalm West, on Instagram, and just like his brothers and sisters, the kid is cute and adorable.

21 Times Kids Said Things That Were Completely Inappropriate But Undeniably True

Kids say the darndest things—that we know to be true. And, while some of the things that they say are completely and utterly inappropriate for their age, we cannot deny that there is some truth to their antics. When we stop and think about it, our kids do say some pretty true facts.

Three Men Who Murdered An Eight-Year-Old Girl After Raping And Torturing Her For Days In India Are Spared The Death Penalty And Sentenced To Life In Prison

A court has sentenced three men, including a retired police officer, to life in prison for kidnapping, raping, and murdering an 8-year-old schoolgirl in India.

The Towelkini Is The Only Thing You’ll Need To Take To The Beach - But Would You?

The Towelkini summer outfit has come to solve all your sandy struggles while at the beach as it’s a part towel and part swimsuit, but people have mixed reaction about the design.