Jay A. Juneau

Amazon Tribe Wins Landmark Lawsuit To Protect Their Land From Oil Companies

The government has lost a case in which it was accused of exploiting legal loopholes in order to sell land belonging to an indigenous Amazon tribe to oil companies last month.

5 Hours - Nosy Woman Spying On Neighbor Gets Head Stuck In Metal Gate

It’s always for the best to mind your own business. But some people just can’t help themselves. This woman got her head stuck in a metal gate for five hours while trying to eavesdrop on her neighbor.

Former Boat Builder Creates Stunning Wooden Bathtubs

A former boat builder is now making breathtaking wooden bathtubs, which are sustainable, non-toxic, better insulated, and durable.

Alabama Woman Who Was Shot While Pregnant Is Charged In Fetus’s Death

An Alabama woman, who got shot in the stomach while pregnant, killing her unborn child, has been charged with manslaughter.

24 Dads Who Are So Cool, The Whole Internet Went “Aww”

Not every father is a famous actor, scientist, or athletic. But some dads are so cool that they can do anything just to see their children happy.

Couple Find A Giant Huntsman Spider Eating A Possum In Their Room

Creatures of nightmares: A giant spider caught on camera eating a possum on the wall of a terrified couple’s hotel room.

Students Get Credit For Helping Elderly And Disabled

These students earn PE credit by doing yard work for the elderly and disabled, thanks to a recent innovative change in their school curriculum.

People Are Refusing To Use Self-Checkout Because It’ll “Kill Jobs”

“Machines don’t pay taxes!” Canadian shoppers are rebelling against the use of self-checkout machines in malls and stores, arguing that they’re worried they’ll lead to job loss.

Lace Shorts Are Here for Men This Summer

Men’s fashion trends are undergoing metamorphosis, and lace shorts are the latest summer garment to tickle the internet.

Priest Raped Young Boys That He Dressed As The Baby Jesus

A 74-year-old Catholic priest pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two young boys in early 1990s.

The Aperol Spritz Is Not a Good Drink

Although this drink might be trending on Instagram – you might want to clear steer clear of it for your own good.

Mother Tied Up Son With Autism And Set Him On Fire

A mother from Milwaukee faces life in prison after tying up her 4-year-old-son with seven belts before burning him to death in the bathtub.