Carl Fomby

People Are Now Skipping July 4th Fireworks to Comfort Scared Shelter Dogs

Just like the New Year’s, 4th July isn’t exactly a holiday for most dogs. In fact, the rackets of fireworks can even make the day a nightmare for them. Luckily, many people are now skipping 4th July fireworks to comfort the scared shelter dogs.

Heroic Retired Police Dog Leads Firefighters To Toddlers Trapped In Burning Home

This retired German Shepherd dog helped to save two children trapped in a Florida house fire.

Study Proves Women Perform Better At Work If They’re Not Freezing To Death

A surprising new discovery says that a one-degree or two-degree change in temperature at the office can have a huge impact on a woman’s productivity.

Kopparberg now does pink gin, and it tastes of strawberry and lime

Kopparberg has made a strawberry and lime pink gin. That’s certainly new for this popular company, and it got our attention.

The Scold’s Bridle — How Men In The Middle Ages Dealt With Gossiping Wives

It’s almost impossible for a group of women to work together without gossiping, according to most men and women. And in the middle ages, women who chatted face public humiliation.