‘Adulting 101’ Classes Teach Real-World Skills

At what stage do you consider yourself a grown up? Most of us have grappled with this question at one point in time. But senior students at Fern Creek High School are far more prepared for adulthood than we ever were.

Man looks like a mummy ‘Rescued From Bear Den’ After One Month

A Russian man, ‘looking like a mummy,’ has been rescued with a broken spine after a brown bear kept him inside its den for a month.

James Bulger Murder: Infamous Child Killer Could Move To Australia

Infamous child killer, Jon Venables, the murderer of a 2-year-old, James Bulger, could be moved from the United Kingdom to New Zealand to start a new life.

Vet Gives Warning After Dog’s Paw Pads Burn Off From Hot Pavement

Do you like walking your dog? In hot summers, that could be far more dangerous than you thought, Experts warn dog owners after pet’s paw pads burn off during a walk.

21 Hilarious Cakes We Can’t Believe People Really Order

Indulging in a large slice of cake is definitely our favorite thing about celebrating another year older or a wedding. A perfectly frosted cake decorated with sprinkles, hiding a chocolate sponge underneath, is a treat we all look forward to in every party.

24 Dads Who Are So Cool, The Whole Internet Went “Aww”

Not every father is a famous actor, scientist, or athletic. But some dads are so cool that they can do anything just to see their children happy.

Couple Find A Giant Huntsman Spider Eating A Possum In Their Room

Creatures of nightmares: A giant spider caught on camera eating a possum on the wall of a terrified couple’s hotel room.

Students Get Credit For Helping Elderly And Disabled

These students earn PE credit by doing yard work for the elderly and disabled, thanks to a recent innovative change in their school curriculum.

Jason Momoa Wants To Do A Twins Remake With Peter Dinklage

Aquaman star, Jason Momoa is absolutely down for a remake of the 1988 movie, Twins, with Peter Dinklage.

Gator With Knife In Head Spotted Swimming In Texas Lake

An alligator was spotted with a knife stuck in the middle of its head in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Mom Asks Mother And Son To Leave Playground So Her Daughter Can Have A Girls-Only Playdate

Mother wanted her daughter to have a girl-only fun time, so she asked another mom with her son to leave the park.

Grow Your Own Pineberries: The White Strawberries With An Amazing Pineapple Flavor

If you’re a fan of pineapples and strawberries, you’re going to love this fragrant fruit. The pineberry is as real strawberry with a pineapple flavor.

14 Flawless Examples of Child Logic That Left Us Speechless

If parents could predict their children’s actions, their lives would be way easier. But they only can guess what’s going on in their kids’ heads. Children are unpredictable, but we still love them more than anything in this world.

11 Great Riddles That Will Make You Think Outside the Box

Most people think using a standard thinking pattern, and this makes it difficult for them to see any other solution other than the obvious one. But some people think in a more creative way because they have developed lateral thinking skills. Let’s check how developed your lateral thinking is!

Greenland Lost 2 Billion Tons Of Ice Yesterday, Which Is Very Unusual

“Unusual” ice melting: Greenland experienced sudden ice melting on 13th June, and the total ice loss has been estimated to be 2 billion tons.

Disneyland $14 Million Marvel Expansion To Open In 2020

Disney is a step closer to roll on new Marvel-themed land in its Disney California Adventure theme park following the opening of Star Wars: ‘Galaxy Edge.’

Kim Kardashian Shares First Close-Up Photo Of Baby Psalm West

Kim Kardashian has just shared a close-up photo of her newborn baby boy with Kanye West, named Psalm West, on Instagram, and just like his brothers and sisters, the kid is cute and adorable.

‘Sanctuary For The Unborn’: All-Male City Council In Texas Votes Unanimously To Ban Abortion

The all-male, five-member city council in Waskom, Texas, unanimously passed an ordinance to prohibit abortion in its jurisdiction, turning the town into a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

Everything You Need to Know About the Mama June and Honey Boo Boo Drama: A Timeline

Here are the recent updates on Honey Boo Boo, Mama June, Geno Doak, and their ongoing legal and familial dramas.